Creation Care

Climate change, ocean acidification, water and food scarcity all present moral and practical crises for the world. Fortunately, the Anglican tradition has rich resources that can help us envision different ways of being human within God’s creation. Over the past several years, St. Lukans have called on these resources in numerous ways to:

make changes to the Cathedral complex by:

  • replacing an outdated oil-based heating system with a high-efficiency, natural gas boiler;
  • installing “instant-on” hot water heaters;
  • replacing incandescent lights with CFLs; insulating and sealing leaky windows and doors;
  • instituting recycling initiatives and switching to reusable mugs for coffee hour.

educate ourselves and enact policies that reflect our commitments by:

  • participating in Trinity Institute’s webcast “Radical Abundance: A Theology of Sustainability;”
  • contributing to a Lenten forum on science and religion;
  • offering a series of meditations and prayers for earth healing during Eastertide;
  • highlighting creation care as central to Christian stewardship;
  • divesting the Cathedral’s endowment of shareholdings in the top 50 EPA toxic release emitter securities.

Members of St. Luke’s Creation Care Team participate in collective actions such as those aimed at stopping tar sands from flowing to South Portland and blocking construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. We also work with organizations such as the Natural Resources Council of Maine and the Sierra Club to raise funds and awareness and to stimulate greater grass roots involvement.

Contact Gus Goodwin (, Liz Parsons (, or Marby Payson ( for more information.