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E-pistle, May 26

Care for the needs of children and families is a priority of the Church, indeed children are central to our mission and recently we put our faith in action in Augusta. The Maine Episcopal Justice Network shared our support for legislation (LD - 1475 An Act to Reduce Child Poverty by Leveraging Investments in Families Today) that will help combat societal and economic conditions in Maine that are preventing children from achieving their full potential and holds families together.

E-pistle- May 19

The twentieth anniversary of Albert Melton's arrival at St. Luke's as Cathedral Musician

E-Pistle May 10

Some writers have suggested that a major contribution of the Abrahamic religions has been to replace a cyclical world view with a linear one in which humanity progresses toward an end time, one in which Christians look for the return of Christ.

E-pistle May 3

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E-pistle April 28

Join us May 13th for Maine Walks with Haiti


E-pistle April 21

From the Rev. Samuel Henderson

E-pistle April 14

It's all one story

Holy Week through the Eyes of Egeria

A summary of Holy Week from the 3rd Century for today

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