The Eucharist Team

A shared ministry by our youth and adults, and serving in rotation on assigned Sundays and at special services, this team of nearly 50 participants is a special addition to the St. Luke’s experience.

Acolytes carry the cross and torches, and on special occasions, they also add banners and streamers in the procession and recession. Acolytes also lead the gospel procession and assist at the time of communion.

The Verger, the protector of the procession, provides the clergy logistical support to ensure a smooth worship service.

Vergers, members of The Vergers Guild of the Episcopal Church, are lay persons who serve the cathedral through a ministry of service centered on the liturgy. Under the direction of the Dean of the Cathedral and the Head Verger, their responsibilities include coordination of the Eucharistic Ministers, Acolytes, and scheduling and training events.

The Verger’s motto: “Service in Worship and Worship though Service” manifests itself today in a Ministry of Welcome.

If you or your children would like to participate in this important ministry please at 772-5434 or email us at