An Expression of Faith in Needlework

In 2004, after worn out carpet in the nave of the Cathedral was replaced with stone tile, an inspired and dedicated group began a needlework project, named Expressions of Faith in Needlework. Rather than kneeling on the tile, the idea was to provide comfortable kneelers by engaging needle pointers from all around the Diocese.

KneelersParishes and summer chapels of the diocese have stitched the most beautiful kneelers that are now used at St. Luke’s, honoring their churches with a permanent and beautiful visual presence - at their Cathedral.

The original goal was to stitch 400 kneelers, a daunting task. The initial effort included interfaith, and even international, participation. With this tremendous effort, there are 115 completed kneelers at St. Luke's. Half of them are from around the diocese, summer chapels, friends of the Cathedral, and half from St. Luke’s parishioners. In addition 22 kneelers from an earlier 1976 project have been refurbished.

Complete details are printed on the back of each kneeler explaining the name of the church, the meaning of the kneeler design and the name of the stitcher.

All interested stitchers can join the “Stitching Bees” at St. Luke’s every Tuesday from 10:00 am-12:00 pm or 6:00-8:00 pm, from September to June. And, help is there too. Many support resources are available including instruction, an extensive library of books on stitching and design, and a "light box" for transferring designs to canvas. All parishes who are participating are welcome to use the facility and materials.