Pastoral Counseling Ministry

The Rev. John Widdows is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor who brings his training and extensive experience to serve and lead in this vital ministry. John’s professional training includes a B.A. from Columbia University, an M.Div from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, and an M.S. in Pastoral Psychotheraphy from Iona College. After directing an interfaith Pastoral Counseling Center in New York State for 18 years, he settled in Maine in 1991. He has since pursued a private counseling practice while also serving in several transitional priest assignments in the Diocese. John describes his approach to Pastoral Counseling as “time-limited and solution-oriented.”

Individuals and couples seeking Pastoral Counsel may contact John directly for an appointment at 207-233-5959. Fees are on a sliding scale and are discussed at the initial session. After the initial meeting, John will schedule three sessions. If further work is agreed upon beyond these three sessions, the specific number of sessions will be determined at that time. A limited time frame encourages people to work hard towards reachable goals while keeping the expense affordable.