Haiti-Maine Partnership


Welcome to the Haiti-Maine Partnership of St.Luke's Cathedral and the Episcopal Church of St. Simon/St. Jude in Duny, Haiti. See our latest Haiti Newsletter here!

Our partnership in Duny began in February of 2009. Since then we hace collaborated to support the basic needs of the school children in Duny, Haiti and are building relationships with people in the community.


An Agricultural village in the hills west of Port au Prince near Trouin.  The primary language spoken is Creole.


Haiti is one of the most densely populated and poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. An estimated 80 percent of the population of 7.9 million people lives in abject poverty. Less than half the population is literate and only one quarter of the population has access to safe water. Only one-fifth of the land is arable, and the country is 98% deforested. The per-capita income is less than one U.S. dollar per day. Yet, despite crushing poverty, the Haitian people are known to have a warm, celebratory, and dignified spirit – devoted to the reality of a God who created, sustains, and loves the world.


The school of St. Simon/St. Jude is housed in the simple wooden structure seen above.  It is also used as the church on Sundays. The building measures about 20 feet by 50 feet.  Inside there is a simple chalkboard and some benches.  There are two latrines, no electricity or running water.  The teachers and students work with limited supplies. The leaky roof was recently replaced using funds collected during the Haiti Walk at St. Luke’s.  The result of replacing the roof is that school will not be cancelled in the case of rain, this in turn has a positive affect on the continuity of learning. 

There are over 200 children that attend this elementary school program. Most children are only able to attend 2 to 3 years of school. High school education is available only in other towns to those that can afford tuition and boarding.  Very few students can afford this option. 

There are 7 teachers and one serves as an administrator at the school.  These salaries are funded through the Haiti Education Foundation which is independent of St. Luke’s partnership in Duny. 


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